Comment Policy

I don’t pretend to be unbiased or impartial when it comes to my ideas. They’re my ideas, after all. I would not keep them if I thought they were wrong. As such, I feel no particular compunction to be fair to both sides of whatever issue I’m writing about.

This blog is my writing about my ideas and opinions. Please feel free to comment  on and discuss what I write about. Open debate and constructive argument are both welcome and encouraged.

I reserve the right to moderate, edit, and/or delete comments. I will not moderate comments simply because of disagreement with my position. I will, however, edit and/or delete comments that are egregiously offensive, trollish, personal attacks, threatening, or simply so poorly written that it raises my ire.

There is no appeal process. This policy exists in order to preserve the comments section as a constructive and interesting forum for discussion. The goal is not to police comments until only agreement remains. This is an effort to nullify the toxicity that is frustratingly endemic to so many comment sections.

I tend to reply to most comments. Please note that I will show you the same level of respect, or lack thereof, that you show me.

If you do not agree with my stance on this subject, please feel free to create your own blog. It is my understanding that they are available for free.

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