Those Left Behind

This weekend is a rough one for those geeks who didn’t manage to score ComiCon tickets. The Internet, so long a source of comfort and interest, instead becomes our tormentor as Twitter feeds fill up with snippets of “omg, so amazing, I just saw ___” and articles leak out with details of cool things to see, cool things to do, and cool things to come.

I’m surprised nobody ever uses this feeling for evangelizing. It seems to me a really effective way to convince geeks to join your religion would be to describe being left behind during the Rapture as “it’ll be just like all the times you couldn’t go to ComiCon.”

I’m not saying that this would work, of course, just that I’m surprised nobody has tried this tactic.

Shit, maybe I should delete this post. I don’t want to be responsible for a bunch of signs at next year’s ComiCon.

I can’t help but wonder about those people who bring the religious “hellfire and brimstone”  religious signs outside the San Diego convention center each year. My assumption is that this behavior is a natural reaction to any large crowd of people, much in the same way that ants are a reaction to an outdoor picnic.

Do they truly believe they’re going to reach anyone? Do they not realize that, from the perspective of our tribe, they exist only so that clever geeks might counter their religious tracts with witty retorts?

Religious Protesters at Comic-Con
I saw these guys last year, although I didn’t take this picture.

I really have to admire these guys. The geeks, I mean, not the original sign-holders. These guys are kind of like that person who manages the perfect sarcastic comment during a really shitty movie trailer that makes everybody in the theater laugh. They’re unsung heroes whose identities will never be known but whose deeds live on in our hearts and on our Internets.

Zodspeed, noble geeks. Zodspeed.

May The Fourth Be With You

Yes, it’s Star Wars Day. I’m particularly excited because yesterday afternoon I received an email from a co-worker about tonight’s Hotel Congress event. It seems that the person who was helping put together the questions for the Star Wars trivia event didn’t come through, so an alternate source was needed. It goes without saying that I leaped at the chance and came up with a list of questions. I’m not 100% certain that my list will be used as I think somebody else also procured a copy of Star Wars Trivia Pursuit. We’ll see how that goes.

The other exciting thing is that the same co-worker gave me a call and asked if I’d help “officiate” the trivia contest. Max Cannon is signed on to emcee the event but the word is he’s not as much of a Star Wars geek as yours truly. The contest organizers wanted a Star Wars geek on hand to act, I guess, as arbiter or sidekick or something. I’m not sure how big my role will be, but it’s a chance to wear my Darth Sidious-style cloak and act like a nerd in front of a crowd. How could I say no to that?

I could not. So I did not.

The 21+ event starts at 8pm at Hotel Congress.