About That Supreme Court Thing

I shouldn’t have to explain my feelings on this one, so I’ll keep this short.

equality for all


Marriage is a basic human right. It’s not a Christian thing or a Jewish thing. It’s not a Muslim thing or a Hindu thing. It’s not a religious thing. It is not a liberal thing or a conservative thing.

It is a human thing.

There is no discussion about this, there is no debate. This is reality.

There is nothing more sacred than love. There is nothing more important than loving one another. If you deny this simple, self-evident truth and you justify your denial for based on the words from some ancient writing? Some book or scroll or tablet? And the words of that ancient scroll (misconstrued or not) are more important to you than loving your fellow person?

Nothing I could write here could even begin to come close to showing you all the ways in which you missed the goddamned point about . . .

Well, about everything, really.