Fighting Crime With Your Clothes On

This is pretty awesome. If you didn’t check the link, it’s an article about an artist who redesigned several popular super heroines with costumes that, get this, actually cover their skin. The best part about this is not only are the characters recognizable, in my humble opinion, many of them look far better with costumes that speak to practicality instead of blatant sexuality. Wonder Woman, in particular, comes across as far more powerful with this new look.

It makes sense, you know? If your career choice involves copious amounts of violence, I think you’d want to put some pants on.

True, comic books have always been an equal opportunity offender and male characters are just as sexualized with their skintight outfits and rippling muscles.  I think that’s more a comment on the nature of superhero comics as a whole, however.

The other observation I’d like to make is that, rather than making these characters seem frumpy or staid, I think these designs are more attractive. I don’t know if it’s a case of “less is more” or because these designs lend a certain sense of power that’s sexy all on its own, but whatever it is, I think it works. This is a trend I’ve love to see continue across entertainment; I think covering up a little is one of the many reasons the new Lara Croft design from the reboot is superior to the original.