Phoenix ComiCon Report . . . Tomorrow!

When I walked into my apartment and set my bags down, I had every intention of writing my report from Phoenix ComiCon 2013 as soon as I sat down at my desk. Now that I’ve taken my shoes off, kicked the loaner cat out of my chair, had the loaner cat jump back into my lap, and taken a few moments to relax, I’m ready to say that I . . . will write that report tomorrow. It’s been an awesome couple of days, but also very, very tiring. After a long drive back to Tucson, I think I’m ready to turn off my brain for a while.

I’ll write up all the details tomorrow, including a gritty, firsthand account of where I was during the harrowing ComiCon Evacuation of 2013. Spoiler warning: it involved proceeding to the nearest exit in an orderly manner while making sure my friends were with me. Tune in tomorrow for the rest of this gripping tale!

But for now, I think I shall sleep.

2 thoughts on “Phoenix ComiCon Report . . . Tomorrow!

  1. Why was it called Phoenix ComiCon…but was in San Diego??? Inquiring minds want to know!! But I will have to stay tuned for your update! Love you cuz!

  2. There’s actually more than one ComiCon event and they happen in difference cities around the year. The San Diego ComiCon is the largest and most well known event and tends to have the biggest stars attend. The Phoenix ComiCon is definitely growing, though and might rival San Diego in a few years. Other notable ComiCons are New York and Seattle.

    Last year, I went to both the ComiCons in both Phoenix and San Diego. I won’t be going to San Diego unless I manage to get lucky and score a last minute ticket (which probably will not happen).

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