A Game Of Thrones: The Gathering

I would play this. I would play this so hard. Fair warning, this post isn’t going to make a lick of sense to you if you’re not a M:tG nerd. If you don’t know what that means, it’s already too late and you should probably read something else.

Normally, I look at fan-created Magic: the Gathering cards with a skeptically dismissive eyebrow. They’re usually undercosted or overpowered or unplayable or some ungodly combination of all three. Or they’re mechanically ridiculous or they look atrocious. Take a look at these, however.







These fan-created Game of Thrones cards look amazing! Not only do I want to play them, but I want to have discussions about them. Do you think Tyrion is White/Blue? Varys as Blue/Black is spot-on and Littlefinger as pure Black makes sense as well. Both Melisandre and Joffrey are Black/Red . . . interesting. 

Take a look at the article for some larger versions and tell me what you think. Awesome? Horribly nerdy? Some combination of the two?

3 thoughts on “A Game Of Thrones: The Gathering

  1. Awesomely nerdy. This makes me somewhat consider trying out M:TG again, but I suspect Hearthstone is going to scratch that itch for me when it comes out, and I won’t have to lay out any money for it.

  2. Yeah, any desire I have to get involved in Magic again is quickly crushed by my unwillingness to pay the ridiculous amounts of money necessary to competitively play Magic again. I still have the deck I took to a Pro Tour Qualifier a few years ago (Extended format, before they changed it) and at $250 dollars or so, my deck was probably the cheapest one I saw all day.

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