And Now For Some Good News

Nope, nothing good yet on the “politics of Arizona” front. Our state legislature is still bigoted, removed from the actual desires of its constituents, and dominated by fringe elements. But there’s good news on other fronts!

There’s going to be a new FarScape movie! FarScape was one of my favorite shows of all time, so this is very exciting news for me. It’s nice to be able to return to one of my favorite sci-fi universes, especially since a new anything for Firefly seems more and more remote with each passing year. But new FarScape? That’ll soothe my fandom wounds nicely.

2 thoughts on “And Now For Some Good News

  1. What makes Farscape sci-fi worth watching? If Star Trek is sci-fi that uses exploration as a backdrop for speculative fiction, Star Wars users sci-fi as a setting for a fantasy style hero’s journey, and Firefly is a character driven pulp western in space. What’s Farscape’s twist on the genre?

    1. FarScape is similar to Firefly in that it’s a character-driven show. It’s also an inversion to Star Trek in that the main characters are running from the FarScape version of the Federation (called the Peacekeepers) and they’re hiding out on a stolen prison ship.

      The biggest twist, though, is that FarScape is WEIRD. They go way, way, waaaaay beyond anything that Star Trek or even Star Wars aliens do in terms of weirdness. From psychic spiritual high priestess plant people to giant lizard people that project microwave heat with their bodies to people that look human but can’t regulate their internal body temperatures very well to tiny greedy aliens that fart helium, FarScape is all over the map with the weird factor.

      The characterization is excellent, though. Every character has depths that don’t seem readily apparent and no matter how much you think you have the archetypes figured out as you start watching, they’ll surprise you.

      Also, they’re much more willing to go into weird plots and such. One legendary episode takes place in a main character’s mind as he’s hallucinating . . . his hallucinatory versions of the other characters is just awesome (and plays out in a mixture of cartoon and reality).

      In short, FarScape is Firefly, but with the Jim Hensen Workshop providing all the strangest aliens you can imagine and with the wheels of sanity completely stripped away. Firefly stayed grounded in how space would have the trappings of the Wild West. FarScape says “space is fucking weird; let us show you.”

      In short, it’s absolutely awesome, although like Star Trek, it does take a while to find its stride. The first season is really uneven, but by the second season, once the crew start to form a Nakama-type bond, it turns into something absolutely excellent.

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