Cynical Idealism Is One Year Old Today

I made my first post on this blog on March 13, 2013. I’d moved to WordPress after retiring Objects in the Mirror, my oft-neglected blogspot site that was begun as an undergrad writing assignment that continued on for a few years after I finished that class.

It’s been a very interesting first year. This blog has been the most successful thing I’ve ever done online. There have been some interesting and insightful comments made from both dedicated readers and brief visitors alike. In fact, although I wrote up a comment policy and posted it last summer, I haven’t had to deal with trolls outside of a brief influx of MRA activists back in June and July.

That’s the aspect of this blog that I’m the most proud of. Not the MRA activists, screw those guys. I’m proud that this site and these posts have been able to create a place for discussion, however small a corner it may be in the scheme of the larger web. I debated even allowing comments when I first started. I looked at sites both large and small and saw the spam, the trolls, the general toxicity and I asked myself if it was even worth it.

Over the past year, my readers have shown me that it has been worth it unequivocally. I’ve learned more from the responses to my posts than I ever thought possible.

So rather than take this moment to look back and talk about all the things I did, I’d like to say thank you for everything that you did. I started this blog assuming that I was talking to myself. You’ve shown me that this wasn’t true and for that, I am deeply appreciative and grateful. I look forward to the second year of Cynical Idealism’s life and all the things that I’m sure to learn through your comments and discussions.

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Cynical Idealism Is One Year Old Today

  1. This blog was on the short list of websites I obsessively check every day that get in the way of my work. So you’re in the same echelon as Reddit in terms of addiction. We often disagree (at least politically), but I always feel like I learn something from reading your blog!

  2. As one who grew up before the age of blogging, I find reading your blog each day fascinating. While I don’t always know what you are talking about when you discuss gaming and things associated, I do find many of your topics very thought-provoking and gives one a place to voice an opinion. I have appreciated your frankness and honesty in your words. I too look forward to another year of Cynical Idealism.

    1. I’ve been trying to keep my topics as widely spread as possible. I know that the MBTI posts, for example, were riveting to half my readers and completely arcane to the other half. Thank you for your readership!

  3. I found Cynical Idealism through your post Jim Hines, Libriomancer, and Admitting That I Was Wrong (that Jim Hines himself linked to, if I recall). I was impressed to find someone so forthright about a mistake they’ve made, and have been a regular reader since. (Helps that I’m also a Butcher, Hines and Scalzi fan. 🙂 ) Thank you for posting such interesting pieces – they’re always sincere, and well written, too. Here’s to a successful second year!

    1. That post about Jim Hines and Libriomancer is one that I’ll never forget. I was on vacation at the time when my Twitter pinged to let me know that Jim had retweeted and responded to me and my stats for that day surged. It was kind of terrifying, actually; a little fish being noticed by a much bigger fish! But it was also a great experience, especially considering how gracious Jim was in his response.

      Thanks for sticking around!

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